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Ethiopia's Pan African airline announces code share with Lufthansa

Wolfgang H. Thome  Aug 19, 2008

KAMPALA, Uganda (eTN) - The Kampala office of Ethiopia’s Pan African airline has confirmed in a statement that its head office had entered into a code share agreement with Germany’s number one carrier, Lufthansa, for flights from and to Addis Ababa.

This will be good news for passengers opting to fly on the daily Ethiopian Pan African service between Entebbe and Addis Ababa with onward connections to Germany, as they now have a wider choice and can opt to fly with Lufthansa from Addis to Frankfurt under a code shared flight number.

The arrangement reportedly also covers Lufthansa operated flights beyond Frankfurt, giving even greater options to travelers from now on.

It was also learned that the two airlines signed a wider agreement towards strategic cooperation in the future and that a joint venture in West Africa was to be started in Togo.

This development positions both Lufthansa and Star Alliance better in the region as the global battle for airline survival and domination of markets rages on. East Africa already has three Star Alliance partner airlines on the roster, with Swiss, Egypt Air and South African serving several of the key airports in the region.

Should this latest development lead to an entry of Ethiopian into Star Alliance at some time in the future, a new round of competitive pressures would come to the region, where Kenya Airways has earlier in the year also joined the KLM / Air France led Sky Team.

Third contender One World is at the moment only present in the region through flights by British Airways, leaving this particular alliance trailing in the wake of the other two giants here in East Africa.

Meanwhile, Lufthansa has once again bagged the “best European airline” award, according to the findings of Skytrax in the UK, after polling some 15 million passengers’ worldwide. Globally the index puts Singapore Airlines in pole position, followed by Cathay Pacific and Qantas. No European or North American airline made it into the top 10, which were entirely taken up by Asian and Middle Eastern airlines, which included Qatar Airways in seventh, Emirates in ninth and Etihad in tenth place.

Ethiopia's Pan African airline announces code share with Lufthansa

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