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Voyeurism Gets Brit 6 Months In Dubai Clink

British tourist jailed for taking indecent pictures in Dubai mall  Aug 14, 2008

A British tourist has been sentenced to six months in a Dubai jail after being caught taking pictures up women's skirts in a shopping mall.

The man, a 28-year-old electrician from north London named only as L. R, admitted taking the pictures at the Carrefour supermarket in the Mall of the Emirates, using a mobile phone camera which he placed in a shopping basket.

He was apprehended by security guards after female shoppers complained they were being stalked.

He told Dubai's Court of First Instance that he had only taken one picture for a "laugh", sources said.

But the court was shown two pictures of women stored on the defendant's mobile phone, according to local reports.

The judge ordered the man to serve six months in prison.

He had been visiting friends who lived in the country and is thought to have been planning to find a job there.

Instead, he is likely to be deported back to the UK once he has completed his sentence.

The result is believed to reflect the tough stance authorities in the Muslim emirate are taking on antisocial behaviour.

It follows the arrest in July of Michelle Palmer, a 36-year-old British woman, and Vince Acors, 34, a tourist visiting the country, for allegedly having sex on a public beach after a boozy day out.

The couple have denied having sex, but face up to six years in prison if they are convicted of indecent behaviour and having unmarried sex in a hearing next month.

British tourist jailed for taking indecent pictures in Dubai mall

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