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China tourism

Factbox: China's tourism industry  Aug 12, 2008

BEIJING - China, abundant in natural scenery spots, history and cultural relics, has been attracting tourists throughout the world. With the country's opening up, the booming industry has weighed more in the national economy. Here are some facts about China tourism.

Status: Currently it ranks fourth among the world's leading tourist destinations and is the top outbound tourism market in Asia.

Visitor arrivals: The country welcomed more than 54.7 million visitor arrivals from January to May, of which 10.74 million were from overseas, 8 percent higher than the same period last year. The rest were from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao.

International tourism receipts: A total of 17.15 billion U.S. dollars was taken in from January to May, up 4.86 percent year on year.

Top destination cities: Shenzhen, the Hong Kong border city, Shanghai, the eastern business hub, and the country's capital, Beijing, attracted the most foreign tourists during the first five months.

Properties and sites: Through June, the country had registered 37 properties inscribed on the World Heritage list, and 66 AAAAA-rated tourist sites.

Through 2007, the country had approved 134 tourist destinations for its outbound visitors, among which Asian countries and regions were the hottest.

Facts in 2007: The number of domestic visitor arrivals reached 1.61 billion. Domestic tourism expenditure totaled 777.1 billion yuan (113.2 billion U.S. dollars).

Last year witnessed 132 million international visitors, up 5.55percent year on year.

Foreign receipts exceeded 41.9 billion U.S. dollars in 2007.

Factbox: China's tourism industry

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