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Notwithstanding International Economic Situation

Tourist industry in El Salvador maintains positive growth trend

eTN  Aug 11, 2008

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador (August 11, 2008) - According to a report made public by the Ministry of Tourism through the Salvadorean Tourism Corporation (CORSATUR), El Salvador has received a significant total amount of US$411,135,773 in foreign currency due to the first half's tourist boom.

The report indicates that such earnings resulted from the arrival of 991,874 tourists and excursionists from January to June 2008. The rise in figures reveals a 22.0% growth in earnings and a 25.8% growth in arrivals compared to 2007.

"Notwithstanding the world's economic situation, the tourist industry remains dynamic and in constant growth. Our nation is an example of this, and we will continue working hand in hand with the private sector to promote it both locally and abroad," said the Minister of Tourism, Ruben Rochi.

Within the Central American market niche, Guatemala is sending more foreign visitors, with a total of 246,362 arrivals. This figure increased by 12.95% with respect to 2007. The United States follows with 183,476 arrivals, constituting 26.65% of the total number. Honduras comes in third place with 103,234 arrivals (15.0%).

The growth percentage distribution by region yields the following: Central America, 62.12%; North America, 31.64%; Europe, 2.83%; South America, 2.30%.

The main purpose of the arrivals is visiting relatives or friends (37.8%), followed by leisure (27.4%), and business and shopping.

At the closing of the year's first quarter, the business sector is maintaining a steady trend with the expansion of its supply, adding more drive to the industry. The data available for this period indicates that El Salvador has 7,282 rooms and 318 hotels throughout the country.

Tourist industry in El Salvador maintains positive growth trend
Minister of Tourism Ruben Rochi -

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