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Main Reason Behind Growth In Inbound Tourism

Saudi Summer Festivals show uniqueness

eTN  Aug 10, 2008

SAUDI ARABIA - HRH Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz the Secretary General of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities praised the uniqueness and quality of this year's Summer Festivals all over the Kingdom, as this was clearly reflected in the number of local spectators and visitors. HRH stated that the uniqueness of this year' Festivals is the main reason behind this year's growth in inbound tourism.

HRH praised the coordination and organization plans of these festivals in terms of their timing, location and length. HRH also stressed the importance of the Summer Festivals’ Coordination Meeting, held under the patronage of the SCTA, in creating well organized and unique festivals offering diverse events and activities.

HRH extended his gratitude to local public and private entities all over the Kingdom; HRH referred to the partnership regime that is adopted by the SCTA, where the SCTA provides its partners with sponsorship, technical support and training to help them succeed.

It is also worth mentioning that the Tourism Studies and Research Center (MAS) estimated a 15% growth in the number of tourism trips in the summer of 2008 compared to 2007, as the numbers of tourism trips from July to September are estimated to grow from 9.6 million trips in 2007 to 11 million trips in 2008. Indicators also estimated a 14% growth in tourism expenditures from 9.3 billion S.R. in 2007 to 10.6 billion S.R. in 2008.

HRH the SG added that this statistical growth is evidence of inbound tourism growth and development and is also a reflection of the success achieved by relative public and private entities in providing variable and great services. This all could not have been achieved without the national awareness on the importance of tourism both socially and economically.

HRH indicated that the SCTA was keen, since its establishment, on building the infrastructure for successful tourism festivals. This was made possible by studying international practices, coordinating with provincial stakeholders and targeting local tourists and tourists from the GCC who are seeking value-based tourism. HRH Prince Sultan concluded, “Transforming Saudi Arabia to be the Saudis’ first choice as a tourism destination is a great challenge that we must conquer.”

Saudi Summer Festivals show uniqueness

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