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Romania’s first exclusive tourist complex to open in a former ammunition warehouse

Unal Basusta, eTN  Aug 03, 2008

Bega Group, owned by businessmen Marius and Emil Cristescu will finalize this autumn in Orastie (central Romania) the first stage of the investment in Arsenal Park, Romania’s first exclusive complex.

The complex will be built in a former ammunition warehouse. Practically, tourists will sleep in ammunition warehouses turned into villas. The complex with about 400 accommodation places will have four-star services and provide a range of facilities for leisure: golf, equestrianism, spa, sport grounds.

Marius Cristescu, president of the group said that the investment is appraised at 20 million euros and will be developed under two stages. The first complex will be finalized in autumn, on an investment worth 5 million euros and will have 150 accommodation places, of which a part will be the destination for exocentric tourists who might sleep on a cannon carriage or in armored personnel carrier which the investor bought long ago from the army and which he will transform into bedrooms. Tourist might also find accommodation places underground in tunnels taken over from the army and transformed.

The second hotel complex, which will encompass 25 exclusivist villas, built at one-hectare distance one from the other, will connect with the first complex through a golf ground.

Investors stake not only on eccentric customers but also especially on companies that organize team-buildings.

Bega Group opened about one month ago a hotel in Sannicolau, the third of the portfolio, while the other two are constructed in Timisoara (western Romania). The investments made in the Timisoara-based hotels stood at 10 million euros. Brothers Cristescu also hold together a boarding house in Sinaia (center-south) and plan to invest in a four-star hotel in Sinaia with 80 accommodation places.

Romania’s first exclusive tourist complex to open in a former ammunition warehouse

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