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Saudi Arabia

Najran Summer Festival call for "Leave No Trace"

eTN  Jul 30, 2008

Najran, Saudi Arabia - A large number of Najran residents and visitors interacted with the program "Leave No Trace". In King Fahad Park that has 3000 visitors, the program included several shows which aim at raising awareness of the ecotourism importance.

The children interacted with the purposeful theater shows of "Leave No Trace" to present the program principles. In addition, some publications and gifts were distributed such as hats and shirts that carry the program slogan.

Mr. Hamad bin Abdul-Aziz Al Al-Sheikh, the general manager of the tourism programs and products, clarified that this event is included in "Leave No Trace" program, which is adopted by the SCTA in the field of ecotourism awareness.

The project manager at the SCTA, Mr. Abdul-Majed Al-Omar, said that "Leave No Trace" program aims at developing the ecotourism trips with preserving the nature. That would be accomplished through applying the program principles to enjoy the natural areas without harming the wildlife, geographical, natural, and heritage elements.

The seven principles of "Leave No Trace" are summarized as follows: the planning for ecological tours in advance, the early choice of travel roads and camping places, the disposal of garbage in an appropriate way, playing a role in limiting the negative effects of setting fire, dealing gently with the different types of wildlife, making no change to the natural or archeological elements, and respecting the feelings of locals and other visitors.

Mr. Hamad Al Al-Sheikh, the general manager of tourism programs and products at the Supreme Commission for Tourism (SCT), said that this program aims at disseminating the ecological tourism with preserving the nature. He added that a team of members from the National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development (NCWCD) and other authorities contribute to the training activities. He expressed his thanks to Abha municipality and the Saudi Communication Company. "Leave No Trace" has been receiving a special attention by the SCT and a number of government bodies

It is worth mentioning that the SCTA has already presented "Leave No Trace" program in Jeddah, Hail, Abha, Al-Ghat, Bal Jarashi, Taif, Al-Oyainah under the sponsorship of the Saudi Telecommunication Company.

Najran Summer Festival call for "Leave No Trace"

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