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Saudi Arabia

The SCTA launches Ejazti Saudia

eTN  Jul 23, 2008

SCTA announced the launch of a contest called "Ejazti Saudia" within its campaign to define and promote internal tourism trips and highlight KSA's tourism sites during the summer season. The contest aims at encouraging the Saudi families to spend their summer vacation inside the Kingdom and establishing the preplanning concept to spend the vacation in an easier way. Also, the purpose of the contest is providing the opportunity for the visitors to discover new tourism attractions and recognize the diverse tourism sites in the KSA.

The program of "Ejazti Saudia" is a model which is presented for the first time in Saudi Arabia. The families that want to spend their vacation in the KSA can register in the program after passing the contest's rules and conditions. Consequently, the families shall obtain tickets for travel, accommodation, and transport for a week in one of the contest's cities during this summer. Then, the families shall head towards the contest's cities (Jeddah, Abha, Khobar) starting from 8/8/1429H. They have to prepare detailed reports about their visits as diaries (including photos and video records) and their interaction with summer events in the contest's cities. They shall present their reports through the website ( In addition, certain columns in a number of daily newspapers will be allocated for those families with a TV program to show messages about them. Meanwhile, the visitors will be allowed to vote until the end of 15 of Ramadan.

The SCTA launches Ejazti Saudia

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