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Jezzine prepares for influx of some 150,000 summer tourists

Jul 23, 2008

JEZZINE - Jezzine's hotels will fully booked with visitors until the end of the year as the southern region will receive some 150,000 tourists, Saeed Abu Akl, president of Jezzine's Municipalities Union said on Tuesday.

In a news conference held at Jezzine's Municipal Palace, Abu Akl announced the launching of this summer's festival, which he said, "is characterized by its cultural, traditional and artistic activities."

"As Lebanon is witnessing a wave of peace and unity we find ourselves obliged to promote tourist activity this summer, especially after the municipality had rehabilitated infrastructure and main roads linking Jezzine to Sidon and Beirut," he said.

According to him, the festival will be held between July 31 and September 13.

The head of the Jezzine Traders Association, Antoine Rizk, said he hoped that this summer season would be "special" considering the "size" of activities to be carried out.

"There are hotels and restaurants stretching between Anan and Jezzine that can receive 2,000 people and we have hotels capable of receiving some 400 people," the trade association chief said.

Jezzine prepares for influx of some 150,000 summer tourists
Jezzine, Lebanon /

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