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Saudi Arabia

Agreement to develop Northern Seafront in Yanbu

eTN  Jul 20, 2008

HRH Prince Sultan bin Salman, the SCTA Secretary General, emphasized the importance of Maddinah Province because it has natural and heritage features since ancient times. HRH urged to join efforts to make the next phase of Maddinah tourism development plan successful.

After Maddinah Tourism Development Council's meeting, HRH said that Maddinah Province will witness a great transition in the tourism domain, namely in the infrastructure field. HRH pointed out that many projects are implemented such as the knowledge city, Maddinah new airport, Al-Ola airport, the road projects, services, and the municipal projects. HRH stated that the SCTA works on developing the hotel system in Mddinah within the first phase of the development project of hotel system and classification.

Also, HRH Prince Abdul-Aziz bin Majed bin Abdul-Aziz, Governor of Maddinah Province and chairman of the Maddinah Tourism Development Council, emphsized the SCTA's continuing efforts to carry out the Tourism Development Strategy in the KSA in general and Maddinah in particular During the meeting, an agreement has been signed to develop the northern seafront in Yanbu, Maddinah Province, and another agreement to develop King Abdul-Aziz Park in Al-Ola governorate.

Agreement to develop Northern Seafront in Yanbu

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