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Award Of Prince Sultan bin Salman For Urban Heritage

1,985 Urban Heritage Sites in the KSA Provinces

eTN  Jul 14, 2008

Within the cultural program of the second round of the Award of Prince Sultan bin Salman for Urban Heritage, Dr. Ali Al-Ghabban, the deputy Secretary General for antiquities and museums, presented a working paper about the SCTA's role in the urban heritage preservation.

Dr. Al-Ghabban stated the SCTA's new organization involved the conservation and development of urban heritage such as towns, districts, villages, buildings, handicrafts, and historical landmarks. Dr. Al-Ghabban confirmed that the SCTA, through the support of HRH Prince Sultan bin Salman, the SCTA Secretary General, concentrated its attention on the urban heritage classification, documentation, and development.

Dr. Al-Ghabban highlighted the relationship and common interests between tourism and heritage. He said the cultural heritage enriches the tourism industry through adding distinctive attractions and tourism product resources, while the tourism industry provides the required funding to protect the heritage.

Dr. Al-Ghabban previewed the SCTA's initiatives in the field of urban heritage preservation and development since the SCTA counted about 1985 urban heritage sites – villages and districts. Dr. Al-Ghabban clarified that the SCTA's initiatives included the organization of an urban heritage seminar and establishment of a directory for the stony and mud building restoration. Also, the SCTA's initiatives involved a preview of the international practices.

It is worth mentioning that the cultural program of the conclusion ceremony of Prince Sultan bin Salman Award for Urban Heritage, which was held yesterday at King Abdul-Aziz Cultural Center in Jeddah, involved important seminars - the development of Beirut center and Restoration of the Omayyad Mosque Halab.

1,985 Urban Heritage Sites in the KSA Provinces

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