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Durch Tourist dies of Marburg

Dr. Wolfgang Thome, eTN Uganda  Jul 12, 2008

News broke in Kampala overnight, that a Dutch tourist visitor to Uganda died upon her return home to the Netherlands of the Marburg virus. Details released by the Ministry of Health, the Director General of Health Dr. Sam Zaramba and a further communiqué from the WHO confirmed, that the woman had repeatedly visited bat caves at Maramagamba Forest during her safari and that apparently at least one bat had fallen on her, being the likely cause of her infection. No other members of her party were so far found to show any symptoms however nor did any members of her family at home or other persons she was in contact with. Bats, and monkeys for that matter, are often suspected to carry the Marburg virus (and similar hemorrhagic fever viruses) and the tourism fraternity was cautioned to avoid taking tourists to such caves. A team from the Ministry of Health and the WHO are reportedly searching the caves in question to try and find the infected bats but have meanwhile recommended suspending all visits to bat caves in the area until further notice. Embassies contacted also confirmed that there would be no hasty anti travel advisories over this case other than maintaining the usual precautions recommended at present by foreign offices and local diplomatic missions.

Durch Tourist dies of Marburg

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