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The Snakes Are Waiting

Jungle Snake adventure in the Siam Park jungle

eTN  Jul 07, 2008

Siam Park is getting ready to open in 2008, and currently they are working on the final phases of decoration and technical trials. The park offers brand new and innovative attractions, as well as the classical water rides that all have a special Siam touch.

The Jungle Snake is one of the rides that iss ready for everyone to enjoy. This attraction twists and turns in a jungle setting and can be enjoyed by the whole family. It can be ridden in individual or double tubes, and as you plunge down on a thin film of water you slide through an amazing adventure. Each of the slides inside the Jungle Snake offers a different ride through open air sections with great views and other sections that are enclosed and in total darkness. The slide is designed to look like entwined snakes that are hidden amongst the lush greenery so that riders are not sure where the journey will take them and this really adds to the sense of mystery and adventure they will experience.

A key part of the design is to make sure that the attraction harmonizes with the setting, and so the slides are set on a slope covered with plants, bushes and trees that camouflage the structure underneath. The height requirement is 1.25m and will be loved by all ages. It will, without a doubt, be an experience they will not forget. Siam Park is currently updating its website to include the lastest news about the park.

Jungle Snake adventure in the Siam Park jungle

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