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Travelers say no to diets but yes to sunscreen


Jun 11, 2013

Travelers say no to diets but yes to sunscreen
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LONDON, England - There's always a lot to do before going on holiday and a study has been conducted in order to find out the attitudes of travelers towards their pre-holiday preparations. From diets and tanning to haircuts and shopping, it seems that looking good is important to travelers but it is not a priority.

The survey of 855 travelers revealed that they are very happy with their bodies and cautious about sun exposure.

59.8% of respondents said that they never diet before their holiday and 85.6 % said that they have never given up drinking alcohol as part of a pre-holiday diet. It is important for holiday goers to get tan but to do so wisely - 58.4% of respondents will wear the right sunscreen factor throughout the holiday and 85.8 % will sunbath wearing swimming costumes without revealing too much.

54.1% of men are happy with their body shape and only 17.8% are inspired by actor Daniel Craig's body. 48.7% of women are also happy with their figures and only 13.1% wish to have singer Beyoncé's body shape.

Women were also asked if they have any beauty treatments before going on holiday and were told to select all that applied from a list of possible answers. The results came up as follows:

None 22.8%

Spray tan 5.7%

Sunbed session(s) 7.7%

Leg wax 32.7%

Bikini wax 41.0%

Eyebrow wax/thread 27.8%

Manicure 23.6%

Pedicure 26.6%

Haircut/dye 39.3%

Facial 10.7%

Body scrub/treatment 12.6%

Meanwhile a staggering 53.3% of men don't have any grooming treatments before their holiday, however 39% will get an haircut.

42.4% of holiday goers spend under £54 on clothes and accessories while 31% splash up to £100. Travelers would rather leave a second pair of shoes or make-up at home than not take their phones with them on holiday.


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