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Trademark of Slovenia – a story of the senses

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Lucija Jager  Dec 13, 2007

(eTN) - A strong trademark is the best marketing tool for modern countries faced with increasing competition. In that context, Slovenia will be more successful, as we have gained a new trademark – the trademark of Slovenia called I Feel Slovenia.

The core of the trademark of Slovenia is made of "Slovenian green".
In Slovenia, green represents more than just a colour; it is "Slovenian green", expressing the balance between the calmness of nature and the diligence of Slovenians. It speaks of unspoilt nature and our focus to preserve nature as such. It symbolises the balance of a lifestyle which combines the excitement with which we pursue our personal motivations and a common vision to go ahead with nature. The Slovenian green also shows our orientation to the elementary, to what we feel inside. Last but not least, the Slovenian green speaks of the harmony of all the senses with which we experience Slovenia. Slovenia is therefore not only memorable for its visual images. The memory of Slovenia combines the smell of a forest, a babbling brook, the surprising taste of water and the softness of wood. We feel Slovenia.

Each country’s trademark is a set of characteristics and aspects, but it is tourism that has the predominant influence on the image of a country. A tourist destination which has a good reputation among potential guests also enjoys a good reputation in other areas forming the trademark of a specific country. Correlations and results between these areas are mutual, and the trademark of Slovenia is no exception.

Trademark of Slovenia – a story of the senses

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