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Airline Going Into Vending Business

Airline to sell snacks on domestic flights

Jul 06, 2008

CHICAGO - Chicago-based United Airlines has announced it will sell chips, cookies, candy and trail mix on its flights for $3 apiece.

The airline will test the new service, starting August 1, on Chicago-Denver and Chicago-Boston flights, plus a handful of other routes.

On Tuesday, United raised the price of alcoholic beverages for passengers flying coach in the U.S. by $1, to $6. The airline announced it plans to roll out a $1 price increase on Pacific and intra-Asia flights August 1.

Spokeswoman Robin Urbanski says United will continue to hand out free half-ounce bags of pretzels to passengers. And while sodas and juices will remain free, Urbanski says United won't rule out charging for them in the future.

Airline to sell snacks on domestic flights

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