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United Nations World Trade Organization Tourism Highlights 2012

Malaysia named one of 2012 top 10 tourist destinations

Dec 31, 2012

Malaysia was one of the world's top 10 tourist destinations last year, making it the only South-East Asian country to make the list in the United Nations World Trade Organization Tourism Highlights 2012.

In 2009, the country recorded 23.6 million tourists arrival and in 2010, the number increased to 24.6 million. Expedia offers very reasonable fares to Malaysia; traveling here is easier than ever and clearly shows in the countries tourism statistics.

Topping the list was France with 79 million tourist arrivals, followed by United States [62 million], China [58 million], Spain [57 million], Italy [46 million], Turkey [29.3 million], United Kingdom [29.2 million] and Germany [28.4 million].

Rounding up the top 10 was Mexico with 23.4 million tourists. The report also ranked Malaysia 14th in terms of international tourism receipts with US$18.3billion (56.3 ringgit) last year, ahead of countries such as Singapore, Japan, the Netherlands, South Korea and Canada. In 2009 and 2010, Malaysia recorded US$15.8 billion (48.6 billion ringgit) and US$18.2 billion (55.9 billion ringgit) respectively in tourism receipts.

In congratulating tourism players for doing a good job to promote the nation, Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents president Mohd Khalid Harun said this was the result of hard work put in by many people.

The report rated Malaysia ninth based on international tourists arrival, with 24.7 million foreign tourists last year.

“This is not an overnight success. We have worked hard and long and are now finally tasting the labour of our success,” he said.

He said Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen, her ministry as well as the private sector had also worked tirelessly to promote the country.

“We should not rest on our laurels but strive to further improve our ranking,” he said.

Malaysia named one of 2012 top 10 tourist destinations
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