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Thailand Bulletin For Wednesday, December 19

Roundup of Thailand news with AJW

Andrew J. Wood, eTN Thailand  Dec 19, 2012


BKK Weather 33C
Hot sunny and hazy
Euro:US 1.3243
Euro:Baht 40.50
US:Baht 30.58


Abhisit, Suthep may face hundreds of murder, assault charges. Thailand begins AFF Cup final tonight. Auto tax to be emissions-based.


China arrests 100 for spreading doomsday rumors. Iraq President suffers stroke. Taliban kill five polio vaccinators. Pakistan car bomb kills 17.


- SANTA THAI WISH LIST: Wish lists identified Smartphones ahead of travel as the most wanted gift during Christmas and New Year, according to Kasikorn Research Centre survey.

The bank’s latest survey focused on what gifts Thais wanted the most at New Year by interviewing 400 people nationwide, from November 23 to December 2.

Smartphones led the field with 11.8% of respondents, followed by 11.4% who said they would like a tour package as a gift. A tablet (iPad) came in at 10%; accessories (9.1%); and computer equipment such as a PC, notebook, or ultrabook (8.2%).

- ANGRY PHOTO USERS: Facebook's photo-sharing site Instagram has updated its privacy policy giving it the right to sell users' photos to advertisers without notification. Unless users delete their Instagram accounts by a deadline of January 16, they cannot opt out.

Facebook has infuriated users by changing its terms of service to allow it to sell uploaded photos or related data.

- THE END IS NIGH: Members of a fringe Christian group in China have been rounded up for spreading rumors of an impending apocalypse, pegged to the Mayan calendar. Known as the ''Almighty God'' cult, the group latched on to the Mayan doomsday scenario to predict the sun will not shine and electricity will not work for three days beginning on December 21.

Roundup of Thailand news with AJW
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