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Schwarzenegger Tries To Lure More Japanese To "Kalifonia"

Schwarzenegger promotes tourism in Japan

Jun 22, 2008

SACRAMENTO — Advertisements starring Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger are running on network television in Tokyo, featuring the governor speaking briefly in Austrian-accented Japanese.

Gov. Schwarzenegger is promoting California as a tourist destination to the 128 million residents of the island nation.

The $5 million television, newspaper and billboard ad campaign runs through this week.

The California Travel and Tourism Commission estimates that 675,000 Japanese visited California last year. Each spent an average of nearly $1,200.

The commission projects that 20 percent of Japanese who visit the United States stop in California.

Most of the Japanese dialogue is voiced by Tessho Genda, who also does voice-overs for Schwarzenegger's movies in Japan.

Schwarzenegger promotes tourism in Japan

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