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2007 Australian Artist Of The Year Travels 20,000 Miles To Perform At Wedding

Tourism Tasmania gives couple honeymoon of a lifetime

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eTN  Jun 16, 2008

On Friday, June 13, Jessica Ihry strolled down the aisle in Fargo, North Dakota to wed fiance Matthew Linback. Off to the side of the altar, gently singing his hit song, "The Guide," was none other than Tasmanian musician Cameron Tapp, 2007 Australian Artist of the Year and front man for the band, Borne.

The couple had fallen in love with this romantic tune after hearing it on iTunes download of the week (the song hit #13 on the US digital Billboard charts) and knew it was the perfect melody for their wedding day.

Ihry sent an email to Borne's website requesting sheet music because her wedding chapel did not permit the use of recorded music. In the miraculous internet age, Tapp himself responded, indicating that there was no sheet music, but he'd be happy to perform himself for the cost of his transportation half-way around the world.

After a few days of thought, the couple decided to consolidate their student loans and forego their honeymoon to fly Tapp in for their special day. This was Tapp's first solo live performance in the United States; an industry showcase gig in Los Angeles at The Hotel Cafe is scheduled for June 18 at 8 pm.

"The Guide is a song for those who still believe in love, wherever they may be," explained Cameron Tapp. "I may be the only international artist to make their American debut in Fargo... but I can think of no better place and of no better venue!"

The heart-warming story sparked the interest of Tasmania's Minister for Economic Development and Tourism, Paula Wriedt, who recognized this as an opportunity to introduce Americans to this magically romantic island at the edge of the world.

"Tasmania already has a reputation as the perfect destination for that ultimate romantic getaway," said Ms. Wriedt. "We're helping to complete their fairytale by offering the couple the ultimate romantic honeymoon in Tasmania."

The US is a key international market for Tourism Tasmania. In 2007, more than 18,000 Americans visited, staying an average of more than two weeks.

Tourism Tasmania gives couple honeymoon of a lifetime

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