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Tourist sites, maps go bilingual in pre-Olympics Beijing

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Jun 16, 2008

BEIJING - China for the convenient of international tourists who will visit during Beijing Olympic Games has published for free distribution the bilingual maps explaining tourist sites.

The Beijing municipal government also launched a campaign on Saturday to erect bilingual signboards at the city’s 324 major tourist spots.

All the signboards, with the names, history and background information of the tourist sites in Chinese and English, will be up before the Beijing Olympic Games begin in August.

“Many of the tourist sites, which are located in Beijing’s numerous hutongs (ancient city alleys), are hard to find for foreign tourists,” said Yu Ping, vice head of the Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage.

With the English explanation, they can better understand the tourist sites, she added.

Meanwhile, 6 million maps in Chinese and English will also be distributed for free at Beijing’s airport and at designated hotels, tourist spots and Olympic venues.

The pocket maps, in categories such as the Great Wall, mausoleums and museums, are expected to provide visitors information such as their location and routes.

Tourist sites, maps go bilingual in pre-Olympics Beijing

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