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Front Row Seats to a Total Eclipse over Siberia Still Available

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Mariana Noble  Jun 11, 2008

Only a handful of cabins remain on MIR Corporation’s special journey to the middle of Siberia to witness a total eclipse of the sun, departing on July 27th. Observe this celestial event as few people in the world will, from a prime location directly under the Path of Totality, arriving in style on the Trans-Siberian Express private train.

Even without a total eclipse in the middle, MIR's Trans-Siberian Rail Journey by Private Train on the Classic Route from Moscow to Vladivostok is an epic rail experience, rolling across almost a third of the globe and across eight time zones. The fact that the Path of Totality for the 2008 solar eclipse lies directly over one of the train's regular stops is icing on the cake. Novosibirsk, a town that didn't exist before the coming of the railroad, is the place where travelers will experience the eclipse as very few people in the world have the opportunity to - from a prime Siberian seat, starting at $7,295 per person for the 15 day luxury trip.

Choose from 3 cabin styles aboard our private Trans-Siberian Express trains, Gold, Silver and Heritage. Gold Class cabins are among the best in international rail travel today and feature modern en-suite amenities including power showers and under floor heating. Silver Class cabins are smaller than Gold Class cabins but still have en-suite facilities, though with a smaller shower area. Heritage Class cars are traditional Russian Railway international first class cars with enhancements including central air-conditioning.

Expertly guided tours of Moscow; UNESCO-listed Lake Baikal, the oldest and deepest lake in the world; Ulan Ude, home of the Ivolginsk Datsan, the cornerstone of Buddhism in Russia; and other incredible off-train stops are included in the price.

A few places are also available on the July 14 departure of the private train heading in the opposite direction from Vladivostok to Moscow, and special rates for IATA cardholders apply. Space is very limited on both departures, so call 800-424-7289 or 206-624-7289, visit or email Charity at today for more information.

Front Row Seats to a Total Eclipse over Siberia Still Available

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