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Green hotel

THE US GRANT best “Eco-Friendly Product Design"

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Niki Jensen  Jun 04, 2008

With its grand reopening in October 2006 after a $56 million renovation, the iconic THE US GRANT hotel reclaimed its position as San Diego’s timeless luxury retreat whose Beaux Arts bones and exquisite interiors have been ushered into the present-day with an ambitious program of “green” initiatives.

THE US GRANT – a Four Star, Four Diamond urban oasis whose guestrooms recently won the esteemed “Best Guestroom Design” award for the global luxury segment by the HotelWorld Global Hospitality & Design Awards – is dedicated to maintaining its discerning standards of quality and service while also introducing a diverse array of substantial eco-savvy elements that include:

• Installation of low-flow showerheads (2.4 gallons per minute)
• Installation of low-flow toilets (1.6 gallons per flush)
• Guest Green Program (Bed linen changes upon request) enforced to conserve water and energy.
• State of the art, energy efficient heating and cooling systems, designed to customize temperature by individual zones in each guest room or suite, limiting use to specific need.
• Sink aerators with a 2.0gpm max flow rate
• Motion sensors installed in each room for HVAC control
• Non smoking environment throughout entire hotel
• Allergy free materials such as room fresheners, cleaning chemicals
• Anti-microbial filters in vacuum cleaners
• Hepa filters in all AC units

• Staff training: turning off lights and air conditioners when rooms are unoccupied. Also during summer months, closing drapes etc.
• Replacement of exit signs, guest corridor, public area, bathroom and lobby lights with LED light bulbs (extremely energy efficient).
• Energy management system to tie in air handling units, HVAC, and lighting to prevent air conditioning space when it's not necessary.
• Light sensors in offices, restrooms, and associate work areas
• Sink aerators in public restroom faucets with a 2.0gpm max flow rate
• Installation of low-flow toilets in the Public bathrooms (1.6 gallons per flush)
• Exterior lighting of hotel with LED lights and astronomical sensors
• ENERGY STAR office equipment
• Use of recycled paper products throughout the hotel.
• Cardboard, glass, paper and plastic recycling
• Electronic equipment not in use turned off nightly
• Internal ECO committee
• Reduced hot water settings for kitchen and laundry
• Dish and cloth washers operated only with full loads
• Recycle of kitchen oil to Biofuel company

Beautiful examples of THE US GRANT’s eco-mentality are the stunning LED light fixtures designed by Deniece Duscheone, the GRANT’s lead renovation project manager and designer, that shine energy-efficient light throughout the hotel’s interiors and exterior. The Flur, a glamorous crystal chandelier gracing the hotel’s twin Presidential Suites, was honored as the best “Eco-Friendly Product Design” in the March 2008 issue of California Home + Design magazine.

THE US GRANT best “Eco-Friendly Product Design"

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