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Live NBC’s Today Show Has the World Wanting More of Seychelles

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Julia Bick  Jun 04, 2008

Seychelles has suddenly surged to the top most searched for terms on Google just over this weekend with articles appearing about the extraordinary beauty of Seychelles. One article entitled ‘The Seychelles Islands: Suddenly the Hottest Place on Earth’, reports how ‘the world is wanting more’ of the Seychelles. The reason for this high demand for our islands is that Seychelles had the privilege of featuring live on the United State’s number one breakfast show, NBC News Today, this past Friday (2nd May).

The show has a special series which airs each year with presenter Mr Matt Lauer called ‘Where in the World is Matt Lauer?’ This show is watched every morning by millions of viewers in the United States and millions more worldwide. For the week April 21st the total number of viewers for NBC’s Today Show were 5.5 million and the show finished in first place for the 646th time in a row above its competitors ABC and CBS. In addition, it is watched on the World Wide Web.
Over five days Mr Lauer travels to five of the world’s most beautiful places and broadcasts live. As the name of the series suggests, Mr Lauer’s audience and colleagues have to guess where he is. On this occasion, until he broadcast live from Praslin, the location was kept secret and his viewers had no idea where he was going to air his show from. For three hours on Friday morning Seychelles received extensive exposure on NBC and the show was watched by millions of Americans and more worldwide who enjoyed a complete coverage of the islands.

As a result, the number of visitors on the website soared to the highest ever since it was launched in July 2006. The total was 9153 visitors on Friday date only, a significant increase from the usual figure of two thousand per day.

There were different segments on the breakfast show and these can be watched online. They are: ‘How to get to Seychelles’, ‘Gifts from the Seychelles’, ‘Hopping Island to Island’, ‘Beauty of the Seychelles’, ‘Kayaking in the Seychelles’ and ‘Lauer Tours the Island Nation’. These include descriptive content presenting breath-taking features of Seychelles to NBC’s viewers.
Seychelles Tourism Board’s CEO, Mr Maurice Loustau-Lalanne was one of the guests on Friday’s live broadcast and states ‘Seychelles has so much beauty that speaks for itself. This show has captured this beauty through the different personalities of Seychelles and presented it to the world from a tourism perspective and publicity which would have cost us over $200 million, we received free of charge’ Mr Loustau-Lalanne appears in the ‘Beauty of Seychelles’ segment of the show where he brought a Coco de Mer and a tortoise to show Mr Lauer and his global viewers.

The other guests included a representative of Creole Travel Services who spoke of the Creole culture that included the Seychellois way of life and cuisine. There were also three young women from STB who presented Mr Lauer with a Coco de Mer and the ladies were involved in a live guessing game that had viewers from New York calling in to participate.

Seychelles was the last stop for Mr Lauer who had previously been to Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, Laos and Istanbul. His crew came two weeks ago to select the best live location to air the show from and the show was aired on Friday afternoon and can be viewed online at

The NBC site also has an extended article on the show’s page about the history and beauty of Seychelles, the Indian Ocean and the untouched sands of Seychelles. Already there are positive comments posted by users who would like to visit or who already have visited.

The show’s destinations over the years have included the Taj Mahal in India, Mount Everest, the Great Pyramids, the Great Wall of China, South Africa and Dubai. Mr Lauer and his crew have finished this year’s show and have already left the Seychelles to go back to Rockefeller Center in New York where the NBC studio is based.

Through the show we continue to receive heavy publicity on a global scale. Seychelles’ beauty is surely from another world to be able to attract such a series and be recognised amongst the most beautiful destinations in the world.

Live NBC’s Today Show Has the World Wanting More of Seychelles

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