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eTN  Jun 02, 2008 is a worldwide travel directory which, unlike many other travel listings, is focused on the destinations travelers want to visit. With 2,000 sites and growing, is first organized by continent, then region, and finally a chosen destination in order to be more useful to travel searchers.

The idea to adopt began as a way to enhance an already existing worldwide travel guide,, while providing further benefits to its travel industry partners. In fact, since the launch of the new domain name, the directory has been a success and has grown to nearly 2,000 listings.

“ chose to pre-register the domain name, as soon as the new domain name extension was approved,” commented John Van Gorp, owner of, “By using a .travel domain name, websites show that they are committed to their travel website, and that they have been authenticated as a bona fide travel participant.”

As one of the special features of the directory, offers WiZZ Partnerships, which are for local travel guide websites. These exclusive partnerships allow free advertising on the directory. Because sites using a .travel domain name demonstrate their commitment to travel through relevant content, .travel sites are exactly the type of websites wants as partners. is therefore offering free WiZZ partnerships and reduced directory priority listings to .travel domain websites for a limited time.

To learn more about this global travel directory, please visit directory…2,000 sites and growing

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