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Scenice Lake in Uganda Claims Lives Of Two Tourists

Danish tourists go missing in Lake Bunyonyi

Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN Uganda  Dec 02, 2011

UGANDA (eTN) - One of Uganda’s most scenic lakes, Lake Bunyonyi near Kabale, has apparently claimed the lives of two Danish tourists, who were last seen swimming off the shores before they disappeared.

Mr. Thomas Svith, 21, and Mr. Sabastaino Burtain, 20, from Denmark apparently drowned as they were swimming at around 12:30 pm near the Byoon Amagara camp site.

The lake is known to claim victims regularly - on average, 2 locals per month - but it is extremely rare that foreign tourists are involved in swimming accidents. The pair of travelers were staying at a local resort, for which Lake Bunyonyi is also famous, many located on the islands which dot the lake.

By night fall Thursday, the search was called off until daylight on Friday.

According to a source in Kabale, the police have resumed search operations already this Friday morning and are confident that the bodies will be recovered.

The camp operators, meanwhile, were reportedly busy attempting to use available information on the two guests to establish family contacts back home in Denmark to break the sad news.

Condolences are expressed by the eTN East Africa team to friends and family.

Danish tourists go missing in Lake Bunyonyi
Byoona Amagara /

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