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Nelson Alcantara unveils “I Come In Peace”

George Taylor, eTN Staff Writer  Nov 25, 2011

Travel journalist and destination critic Nelson Alcantara on Wednesday, November 23, unveiled a photo project called “I Come in Peace” through the famous networking site Facebook. “I Come in Peace” is the collective name for Mr. Nelson Alcantara’s personal collection of travel photos taken within the last few years. Up until Wednesday, the pictures have been exclusive to Mr. Nelson Alcantara’s friends on Facebook.

The decision to release “I Come in Peace” was influenced by people who have expressed their appreciation for his travel photos. Mr. Alcantara said: “Someone once wrote to me and said that my travel photos take her to places she will never be able to go. This is one of the reasons I share my photos – to essentially empower other people through education. The other reason is to inspire others to start their own adventures, because I truly believe that the best gift a person can ever receive is travel.”

In “I Come in Peace,” Mr. Alcantara travels from Canada to the rest of the Americas and the Caribbean to the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Australia, and then Africa. The pictures are not in chronological order and were collected over a period of four years. Having traveled extensively this year alone, gives the eTN editor-in-chief more materials to include in the project, thus making “I Come in Peace” a more compelling travel story to tell. Mr. Alcantara’s travel scheduled this year involved traveling from Hawaii to Puerto Rico then back to Hawaii before continuing his journey to Europe, where he spent some time in Spain, Andorra, Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands. This year, he also spent some time in Jordan and the Philippines. In May, he traveled from Manila to Las Vegas for this year’s World Travel & Tourism Council’s Global Travel & Tourism Summit. He spent June and July between Las Vegas and Philadelphia, then he took take part in a volunteer trip to Nicaragua in late August to early September. He once again traveled from Hawaii to the Caribbean in mid-September for the 2011 edition of Jamaica’s Product Exchange (JAPEX), which was held in Montego Bay.

“I Come in Peace” takes the viewer on a journey that begins on the streets of Montreal, Canada, then continues on to the Canadian wilderness (Bute Inlet). The next albums focus on the Caribbean and the Americas beginning with Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and St. Martin, before moving on to Nicaragua, Colombia, Ecuador, and Brazil. The viewer is then led to the Middle East where an extensive showcase on Jordan awaits, followed by Israel. The next album takes the viewer to Istanbul, Turkey, then moves on to Europe beginning with a few albums dedicated to the Netherlands and Germany, then to Innsbruck, Austria. After Austria, the viewer is then taken to Andorra, Spain, Southern France, Monaco, Budapest, Paris, London, Warsaw, Rome, The Balkans, and to Greece via Athens and Mykonos. The journey through Europe ends with the Quarto Europa Express adventure, which takes the viewer on a road trip to Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg in a day. From Europe, the viewer is taken to Asia beginning in the Philippines, then on to Thailand, Nepal, Japan, then South Korea. A two-album showcase on Beijing, China, wraps up the Asia portion of “I Come in Peace.” The viewer is then taken briefly to two lands of enchantments - Disneyland Paris and DisneyWorld, then to two cities in the Land Down Under – Sydney and Melbourne. And finally, “I Come in Peace” ends its coverage of the continents with Africa. The viewer is taken to Zambia, followed by five albums on Zimbabwe.

“I Come in Peace” ends with incredible adventures in two incredible destinations - Oahu, Hawaii, and Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. “In Hawaii, I first take the viewer with me as I jump into the shark-infested ocean, then I take on a 14,000-ft. skydive, and finish it up ala-Top Gun style with some aerobatic gliding. In Zimbabwe, I take the viewer with me as I take on the second highest bungee jump in world (363 ft.), then head on to the safari to ride an elephant and finishing up the tour by walking with a family of lions.”

The release of “I Come in Peace” was set to coincide with Mr. Nelson Alcantara’s birthday and Thanksgiving. To view the pictures, point your browser to .

Nelson Alcantara unveils “I Come In Peace”
Photo by Christian del Rosario for

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