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Charged with abuse of office

Former Air Tanzania chief in court as successor talks bigs

Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN Uganda  Nov 24, 2011

(eTN) - The former Air Tanzania CEO ended up in court on Tuesday, November 22 with two erstwhile colleagues, charged with abuse of office over an alleged 1.4 billion Tanzania shillings procurement deal of vehicles.

The cause of the charges dates back to 2007, when Air Tanzania, allegedly in violation of the relevant procurement regulations, signed a deal for 26 cars, while at the same time ignoring their many other obligations to pay outstanding debts, including to travel agents who had paid for tickets and are to date still waiting to get their refunds. Those, in particular, will be happy to see the former airline chiefs dragged to court on criminal charges, while some apparently are also preparing to sue them and the airline jointly to recover their money.

David Mattaka is joined in the dock by former Chief Financial Officer E. Ikomba and former Chief Internal Auditor William Hajji. The accused were released on a 10 million Tanzania shillings bond and 2 sureties each of the same amount, and will have to attend court for upcoming mentions of the case before the main trial begins.

Ironically, it was such actions which contributed to the decline of Air Tanzania, a development current management is seeking to reverse with an ambitious development plan.

Former Air Tanzania chief in court as successor talks bigs
Former CEO of Air Tanzania David Mattaka / Image via

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