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Tunisia: No bans on bikinis and alcohol

Tunisia’s Islamists promise no restrictions for tourists

Nov 23, 2011

Western travelers planning to visit Tunisia in the near future have been reassured that the Islamist Ennahda party, which won the most votes in assembly elections last month, will not be imposing restrictions on tourists.

Sami Tounsi, trade manager at the Tunisian National Tourist Office, stressed the importance of getting this message across and told holidaymakers that they will not be prevented from drinking alcohol, for instance.

Mr Tounsi said that the north African nation 'must be for everybody'.

'The Ennahda party will never ban alcohol for tourists or put any pressure on them to stop wearing bikinis on the beach and sunbathing, for example,' he added.

The spokesman also noted that there will be complete freedom for travelers who want to embark on excursions or tours around the country.

One part of the Tunisian National Tourist Office's plan to attract more visitors in 2012 is to focus on the destination's culture, history and landscapes and inform people that it offers more than sun, sea and sand.

Tunisia’s Islamists promise no restrictions for tourists
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