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Locals suffering from disease as drought continues

Over 200 cases of typhoid in Harare

Gill Staden, eTN Zambia  Nov 22, 2011

(eTN) - According to reports, there have been 207 cases of typhoid in Zimbabwe's capital of Harare. No deaths have been reported.

Harare clinics are reportedly being overwhelmed by the large number of residents visiting council clinics because of the disease.

Many of the poorer people in Harare's outskirts do not have access to clean water and are dependent on shallow wells and water from streams and marshland.

The weather has continued to be hot and dry, and this has made the problem worse. Meanwhile, the Water Authority has brought 5,000 new water meters so that they can increase their revenue, stating that around 50 percent of the water is not paid for.

Over 200 cases of typhoid in Harare
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