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New low-cost train

French-Italian train comes into service in December

Mario Masciullo, eTN Italy  Oct 27, 2011

ITALY (eTN) - Thello, is the name of a new private French-Italian low-cost train, linking Paris-Milan-Venice. The maiden trip is foreseen to take place on December 11 with tickets at a cost of Euro 35 already on sale.

The project was born in early January 2011 by a partnerhip between the transport company of Group FS Italiane (Italian Railways) and the French Veolia Transdev to jointly operate a night train link on the Paris-Milan-Venice route.

The license to operate the new TVT (Trenitalia-Veolia Transdev) was granted on September 30 by the French Ministry of Transport to TVT, which became the first ever private company officially authorized in France to operate in the field of “railways passengers transport.”

The name given to the train is Thello. The objective of Thello is to compete with the air links on its route and divert passengers to the train, which will offer convenience, quality, a competitive price, and a door-to-door service.

French-Italian train comes into service in December

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