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Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus announces extra flights to and from Dublin

Oct 21, 2011

DUBLIN, Ireland - Aer Lingus has announced that it is to run extra flights to and from Dublin to London Gatwick airport.

These extra flights now mean that Aer Lingus has more frequency for this particular route than any other airline, after increasing its capacity for passengers on this service by 56%.

As part of its new winter schedule, Aer Lingus will now provide 6 flights per day between Dublin and London Gatwick, an increase from the 4 flights per day that had been offered last winter.

Under this new schedule, Aer Lingus' first flight will leave Dublin at 06:40 (two hours earlier than last year), and will therefore be the first departure to London Gatwick by any airline. Similarly, the first flight to Dublin will leave London Gatwick at 06:50, making it the first departure to Dublin from London. It is hoped that a new 17:50 departure from London Gatwick will complement the existing 18:50 departure, and that this new flight will provide travellers forced to fly at peak times with an alternative option.

Similarly, the new 19:50 departure from Dublin also aims to provide an alternative for travellers searching for UK flight deals [ ] at a particularly busy time, and should complement the 20:50 departure nicely.

Finally, the new 12:55 departure from London Gatwick will bridge the gap between the existing 10:50 and 14:50 flights.

These new flights mean that Aer Lingus now provides 18 flights in each direction between Dublin and London every day (124 per week), with the airline now offering a greater frequency of flights between the two cities than any other company. Similarly, with a grand total of 27 flights each direction from the Republic of Ireland to London, Aer Lingus has the highest frequency of flights between Ireland and London than any other airline.

Aer Lingus announces extra flights to and from Dublin
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