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World Travel Market

Members’ poll reveals WTM 2010’s record of industry deals will be bettered this year

Oct 15, 2011

World Travel Market (WTM) 2011, the leading global event for the travel industry, is set to be the catalyst for even more travel industry business deals than ever before, revealed a poll of Meridian Club members – WTM’s business club for senior travel industry buyers.

World Travel Market 2010 led to a massive £1,425 million travel industry deals, with almost 90% (89%) of Meridian Club members polled stating they expect to conduct a greater amount of business (in monetary value) at WTM 2011 than they did at WTM 2010.

More than two thirds (70%) expect to conduct at least 10% more business, with:

- Almost half (48%) planning to conduct between 10%-25% more business;

- 12% predicting WTM will lead to them sealing deals worth between 26%-40% more than WTM 2010; and

- 3% expecting to conduct at least 75% more business in 2011 than in 2010.

Ambitious growth plans and strong company performance are the key reasons behind the increase in business, according to two-thirds of the Meridian Club members polled.

Emerging markets were also identified as key reasons for conducting more business during the 4 days of WTM.

World Travel Market Exhibition Director Simon Press said: “World Travel Market’s focus is to facilitating business between exhibitors and the industry’s senior buyers in the WTM Meridian Club.

“I am delighted Meridian Club members are telling us they expect to conduct a greater amount of business than ever before. Each year the amount of business WTM generates increases; 2010’s £1,425 million figure was an impressive 25% increase on 2009’s £1,139 million.”

To further help facilitate business between exhibitors and buyers, the Speed Networking session will now take place as a one-hour-long session before the exhibition opens on Monday, November 7 at 9:00 am–10:00 am in Platinum Suites 3 and 4.

Furthermore, the “My WTM Connections” online tool is another great service, which will enable business to be done effectively and efficiently by allowing buyers to connect with exhibitors and other participants before, during, and after the event.

Last year, 34,360 participants utilized this tool, and almost 14,200 messages were sent out enabling participants to make the most of their time at WTM. My WTM Connections is available via the WTM website .

World Travel Market polled 180 Meridian Club members.

Members’ poll reveals WTM 2010’s record of industry deals will be bettered this year
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