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JATA 2011

Japan targeted by Rwanda tourism for more visitors

Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN Uganda  Oct 12, 2011

(eTN) - The recently concluded JATA 2011, Japan’s if not Southeast Asia’s leading travel show, was once again attended by a delegation from Rwanda’s tourism fraternity, ever keen to open new markets and attract visitors from that part of the world to come and see the attractions of “The Land of a Thousand Hills.”

Rwanda first went to Japan in 2006 and has since not missed a single date with JATA, always having the RDB Tourism and Conservation partner with private sector stakeholders in a proven format.

Rwanda recorded over 2,000 Japanese visitors last year and expects to see this figure rise in the future as a result of their continued participation in JATA. Reportedly, stands from Kenya and Tanzania were also exhibiting during the travel show, though Uganda was notably absent from the event, leaving the field for in particular “gorilla tourism” to their Rwandan neighbors.

During JATA, charity auctions were held in favor of the victims of the earthquakes and subsequent tsunami earlier in the year, raising both funds and attention to the ongoing plight of the affected areas in Japan.

Japan targeted by Rwanda tourism for more visitors

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