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"It's on the Meter" - World Record Breaking Taxi Journey

An attempt to drive a Black Cab from London to Sydney

Sep 23, 2011

'It's on the Meter' expedition, an attempt to drive a Black Cab from London to Sydney, is covering forty different countries and over thirty-two thousand miles, with the team hoping to raise GBP20,000 for the British Red Cross.

The expedition has already broken the Guinness World Record for the longest ever taxi journey when it arrived in Tibet.

The fundraisers - Paul Archer, Leigh Purnell and Johno Ellison - are taking on the challenge with the help of Hannah, the twenty year old taxi, and have so far driven over 23,000 miles to China. The team still has another 9,000 miles before they cross the finish line in Sydney.

The 'It's on the Meter' expedition has not been without its challenges as the team was arrested in Russia, narrowly avoided being kidnapped by the Taliban in Pakistan and detained by secret police in Iran, with one fundraiser deported.

Commenting on breaking the world record, Johno Ellison says: "We shook a bottle of Nepali champagne over the car, but could only have the smallest sip; we were still well over 4000 meters altitude on the Tibetan plateau and still had a lot of driving to do that day."

Anyone interested in making a donation to the expedition can do so at

An attempt to drive a Black Cab from London to Sydney
The Guinness World Record Breakers at Everest Base Camp

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