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Pakistani Tourism

The government of Pakistan joins The Region Initiative

Muhammad Asad, eTN Ambassador  Sep 08, 2011

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - National Tourism Organization (NTO) - Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) - has formally joined TRI as Partner. After disbandment of the Pakistani Ministry of Tourism, PTDC is National Tourism Organization (NTO) of Pakistan and works directly under the government of Pakistan.

TRI currently maintains present in 13 countries in South Asia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe, having two inter-governmental organizations, six NGOs and eight private tourism stakeholders in its fold.

Networking of Responsible Tourism Organizations under the banner of "The Region Initiative" (TRI) is a Tri-regional organization, functioning as a link between three regions----South Asia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Connecting ancient Silk Route or Silk Road destinations into a single tourism entity is one of the ultimate goals of TRI. Therefore it supports UNWTO Silk Road Plan/Program. It strongly believes that a solid, operational and broad based tourism market of Silk Road destinations is not possible just through linking of intergovernmental and states organizations. Therefore it takes lead tin reaching out to non-government stakeholders, including private tour operators, Non Government organizations (NGOs), tourism experts on those regions, academics and youth.

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The government of Pakistan joins The Region Initiative
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