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Typhoon Churning Across East China Sea

Super Typhoon Muifa strands hundreds of passengers in Okinawa

Aug 04, 2011

Japanese officials canceled flights in Okinawa, leaving hundreds of passengers stranded as Super Typhoon Muifa churns its way across the East China Sea toward Shanghai. Chinese officials have ordered fishing boats to return to shore.

Late Thursday, Typhoon Muifa was positioned near the Ryukyu Islands, midway between Japan's main islands and Taiwan. China's National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center said it could produce waves of six to nine meters moving at around 15 kilometers per hour. At its core are winds up to 198 kilometers per hour.

In Shanghai, authorities warned that the storm could be as powerful as 2005's Typhoon Matsa when it comes ashore sometime Saturday or Sunday. Matsa killed four people and caused more than $15 million in damage.

Muifa claimed five lives as it passed through the northern and central Philippines earlier this week.

Some information for this report was provided by AP and Reuters.

Super Typhoon Muifa strands hundreds of passengers in Okinawa
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