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"A Victory of Joy" festival

Bahrain's Summer Festival draws unprecedented attendance

Jul 28, 2011

MANAMA, Bahrain - Bahrain's annual Summer Festival, under this year's "A Victory of Joy" theme, has returned successfully for the third year—a sign of the country's recovery and return to stability.

The "A Victory of Joy" festival opened earlier this month to enthusiastic crowds and has featured 11 artistic and cultural events such as global music, dance and theater groups, Al-Shorfa reports. Attendance has remained steady throughout the month-long festival and performances have been so successful that tickets have been difficult to obtain.

In fact, some visitors have requested additional festivals due to the large attendance.

"They should consider holding the festival's performances in the five provinces of the kingdom, including opening a Nakhool tent in all the provinces to ensure that events are offered for all Bahraini children so they benefit from the entertainment and educational performances," Adel Muhsin, a member of Small House of Bahraini Folk Art, said.

The festival has featured performances by Lebanese singer Samar Kammouj performing works by composer Riad Sunbati, the Lizt Alphonso Cuban Dance Company, the Mohammed bin Faris Ensemble of Bahrain, the Fan Al Sut group of Kuwait, Chen Lo and the Lo Frequency group from the United States, the Dhol Foundation of India, the Little Virtuosos of Georgia, and Fan Yang's Gazillion Bubble Show featuring Jano Yang from the United States.

Ayman Ahmed, an Arab expatriate in Bahrain, sees the festival's success as proof of Bahrain's commitment to reform and unity.

"The title of the festival is the biggest proof of overcoming the crisis," he said. "It is 'A Victory of Joy.'"

Bahrain's Summer Festival draws unprecedented attendance
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