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Seychelles Working Visit To Germany

CEO of Seychelles Tourism Board speaks with Editor of Germany tourism magazine

Jul 14, 2011

The Seychelles tourism delegation, on a week's working visit to Germany, met with Thomas Riebesehl, the Editor of Touristik Aktuell, the weekly magazine for travel agents and the tourism trade. During an interview with Alain St. Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, who personally led the Seychelles delegation to Germany, Thomas Riebesehl was briefed on the unique selling points of the Seychelles that made it one of the most sought-after holiday destinations.

"Seychelles is today very protective of its tourism industry, which remains the pillar of its economy," Alain St. Ange told the Editor of Touristik Aktuell. "We need our industry to work, because we depend on it. This is why we are always on the move and working to be as innovative as we can be to keep being ahead and a leader in the world of tourism," Alain St. Ange said.

Touristik Aktuell is one of the most respected tourism trade publications of Germany, and it is consulted and read by all the industry's professionals. "This is why we were happy to be meeting with Thomas Riebesehl of Touristik Aktuell. We needed to get the travel industry professionals to know what we are doing in Seychelles and what was new in Seychelles. We needed to make it known that we have opened our airspace and that by November we shall be having over and above our weekly Condor Flight, 14 Emirates, 7 Qatar, and 4 Etihad flights every week. This is connectivity for our islands to Germany apart of the excellent service we have via Air France from everywhere in Germany to Seychelles via Paris and with Kenya Airways to Seychelles via Nairobi," Alain St. Ange said.

Seychelles continues to make time for the press everywhere the Tourism Board delegation visits. They have always said that they count on the press to get their message out and are always willing to host journalists in their islands, saying that journalists will all become ambassadors of their Seychelles once they set foot on the islands, because the beauty of the islands are exceptional, the people are some of the most welcoming, and because in Seychelles their is no place that is barred to journalists, because Seychelles has nothing to hide from the world.

The Seychelles meeting with Touristik Aktuell was also attended by Edith Hunzinger, the Seychelles Tourism Board's Frankfurt-based Manager, Sharen Venus, the Board's Senior Marketing Executive, and by Christine Vel, one of the Seychelles Marketing Executives.

CEO of Seychelles Tourism Board speaks with Editor of Germany tourism magazine
L to R: Alain St. Ange & Thomas Riebesehl / Photo from Seychelles Tourism Board

Source: Seychelles Tourism Board

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