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Kenya Airline Pilots Association

Kenya Airways and pilots agree on new terms

Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN  Jul 10, 2011

(eTN) - The Kenya Airline Pilots Association has, according to a well-placed airline source in Nairobi, signed a collective bargaining agreement with Kenya Airways, ending a period of uncertainty for the airline and its passengers of what could have been turning into industrial action.

Both sides agreed on a series of measures but most notably "goodwill" was a major part of the agreement, under which pilots can agree to be called at short but reasonable notice to work even during off-duty days, as long as it was not in contradiction with mandatory requirements by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority in regard of maximum duty hours per month and minimum rest period requirements.

All flight schedules published by Kenya Airways will be operated, according to the same source.

It was also learned at the same time that flights in and out of Juba, the capital of the new Republic of South Sudan, have resumed following a two-day airport closure to facilitate the large number of VIP flights handled during the Independence celebrations.

Kenya Airways and pilots agree on new terms
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