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Tempus Jets

Tempus Jets expands aviation services in East Africa

Jul 06, 2011

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. - Today, Orion Air Group (OAG), through their sister corporation Tempus Jets, announced an agreement with the Government of Rwanda to establish a stronger and more robust private aviation presence in the region.

Initial plans include the establishment of traditional Fixed Base Operation (FBO) services and also the positioning of a number of turbine powered aircraft that will be available for on-demand charter to support humanitarian service groups and clientele in the Great Lakes region of Africa. Tempus Jets will provide a platform for businesses, private charter clients and humanitarian service groups to expand their access to the Great Lakes region in order to serve as a catalyst for increased investment in the region.

Tempus Jets will be locating two fixed-wing aircraft and one VIP transport helicopter to Kigali International Airport in August 2011. The establishment of a fleet of aircraft dedicated to this vision with the support of the Government of Rwanda will expand in scope and operations as quickly as the market develops.

"Rwanda's strategic location, business-friendly environment, and exciting future business growth potential were the key factors leading to this partnership," commented Scott Terry, CEO of Orion Air Group and Tempus Jets. "We are highly confident that this investment in private aviation in the East African region, particularly Rwanda, will result in an exceptional return on our investment and deployed assets. The positive response by all involved parties in Rwanda to our business plan has been one of the most satisfying of my career."

"The aviation sector of Rwanda and its strategic location in the Great Lakes region offers a unique opportunity for Tempus Jets to expand its global experience in providing safe, reliable, professionally piloted and precision-maintained private aircraft into the region," said Richard Masozera, Director General of the Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority. "Tempus Jet's service in Africa will bring positive impact through humanitarian service, capital investments via a fleet of quality aircraft and a growing base of skilled jobs and operations."

Tempus Jets expands aviation services in East Africa
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