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Boracay Tourism

Koreans are number one Boracay tourists

Jul 04, 2011

MALAY, Aklan, Philippines — Koreans are still the number one foreign tourists visiting the world renowned island resort of Boracay. According to the latest data of the Department of Tourism (DoT), from January 2005 to May 2011, 654,100 Koreans visited Boracay.

There were 100,922 Korean arrivals in 2005, rising to 124,618 in 2006 and 128,909 in 2007. The number plunged to 91,579 in 2008 and to 69,438 in 2009. It rose to 95,711, a 27 percent increase. From January to May 2011, there were 42,923 Korean visitors in Boracay. The Chinese came in second, with 131,335 arrivals from January 2005 to May 2011. The Americans were third with 80,423.

Koreans are number one Boracay tourists
Boracay, Philippines / Image via

Source: Tara Yap

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