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Marking 50 Years Of Independence

South African Airways cuts airfares to attract more tourists to Tanzania

Apolinari Tairo, eTN  Jun 30, 2011

TANZANIA (eTN) - In a friendly gesture to mark fifty years of Tanzania's independence from Britain, South African Airways has announced to cut down airfare for travelers from the United States to Tanzania.

Sources from the airline's management said travelers and tourists flying between New York (US) and Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) will have to pay discounted and reduced airfares.

Special airfares will be applicable between August and mid-December this year, a period that covers three months in which Tanzania will be celebrating 50 years of self-rule from British colonial rule.

Truman said that South African Airways (SAA) recognized that there was high demand among travelers flying to and from Tanzania during the peak months before this African destination mark its 50 years of independence amid activities, which will attract an inflow of people from different nationalities.

In line with reduced airfare, SAA said it will make a same-day connection from JFK International Airport in New York to Dar es Salaam through its hub in Johannesburg, South Africa, hoping to encourage more tourists to experience Tanzania especially at such a festive and historic time.

The Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Aloyce Nzuki, welcomed the friendly offer by SAA, saying it would add more value in Tanzania's tourism through American travelers. The board is currently organizing tourism activities in commemorating the 50 years of Tanzania mainland's independence.

"We appreciate South African Airways constant support in providing special airfare to promote tourism to Tanzania from the US, our number one source market," said Dr. Nzuki.

Tanzania, which attained its independence from Britain on December 9, 1961, is preparing a series of events leading up to December 9 of this year. A series of intellectual seminars, discussions, wildlife park safaris, and scholarly visits are in preparation to mark Tanzania's independence. The University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania's leading higher-learning institution, had already invited dozens of American-based intellectuals to fly to Tanzania for the independence event.

Activities in the pipeline include Mount Kilimanjaro climbing, a special documentary, and special walk from Lake Victoria city of Mwanza to an African farming village of Butiama, the birthplace of Tanzania's first President Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere.

The Mount Kilimanjaro expedition will be the most remarking event, in which 50 Tanzanians who were born on December 9, 1961 (Independence Day) and 50 British citizens who were born on the same day will join together and celebrate Tanzania's 50 years of Independence and their 50th birth day on top of Mount Kilimanjaro at the peak on the midnight of December 9 of this year.

South African Airways cuts airfares to attract more tourists to Tanzania
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