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Chinese Tourism To Taiwan

Taiwan mulling opening Legislative Yuan to Chinese visitors

Jun 24, 2011

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng said Friday he will study the idea of opening the Legislative Yuan to visits by Chinese tourists.

If Chinese tourists are allowed more access to the operations of Taiwan's democracy, it will be good for interaction across the Taiwan Strait, he said.

"I believe they will talk about the things they see and hear in Taiwan when they return to the mainland," Wang said.

He made the remarks against the backdrop of the country's impending opening to independent Chinese tourists. Previously, tourists from China were only permitted to enter Taiwan as part of a tour group.

In addition to the various popular scenic spots in Taiwan, the legislature, which symbolizes Taiwan's democracy, could also be an attraction for the tourists traveling as part of the Free Independent Traveler (FIT) program.

Wang also said that before any such opening takes place, the legislature will map out complementary measures to ensure that visiting tourists will not disrupt the normal workings of the legislature.

Taiwan mulling opening Legislative Yuan to Chinese visitors
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Source: CNA

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