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Special Mount Kilimanjaro Expedition To Mark Date

Tourism activities set to mark 50 years of Tanzania's independence

Apolinari Tairo, eTN  Jun 24, 2011

DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania (eTN) - Five months to go before Tanzania celebrates 50 years of self rule, and the Tanzania Tourist Board is currently organizing tourism activities to commemorate the years of Tanzania mainland's independence.

Activities in the pipeline include Mount Kilimanjaro climbing, a special documentary and special walk from Lake Victoria city of Mwanza to an African village of Butiama, the birthplace of Tanzania's first President Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere.

A Mount Kilimanjaro expedition will be the most remarkable event, in which 50 Tanzanians who were born on December 9, 1961 (Independence Day) and 50 British citizens who were born on the same day will join together and celebrate Tanzania's 50 years of Independence and their 50th birth day on top of Mount Kilimanjaro at the peak at midnight on December 9 this year.

The Kilimanjaro climbing expedition has been organized by the Tanzania Tourist Board in honor of Mwalimu Nyerere's efforts on tourism development in Tanzania and his campaigns to spearhead Tanzania and African unity from the rooftop of Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, where he lit a torch to signify Tanzania's commitment to bring hope to the people of Tanzania and beyond its borders.

The torch was lit on top of Mount Kilimanjaro on December 9, 1961 to signify Tanzania's independence. The torch was erected at the mountain's peak on top of the mountain by Tanzania People's Defense Forces army officer and a hero, the late Lieutenant Alexander Nyirenda on the midnight eve of Independence Day 50 years ago.

Mount Kilimanjaro is the leading tourist site in Tanzania and East Africa, pulling the highest class of international tourists. The mountain is Tanzania's brand in various business, social, and economic activities. Mount Kilimanjaro is a tourism marketing brand-mark for the Tanzania Tourist Board as well.

According to Tanzania Tourist Board officials, a special DVD documentary is in preparation to honor Mwalimu Nyerere's life before Tanzania's independence and a few years after.

Tourism activities set to mark 50 years of Tanzania's independence
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