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GE Capital Aviation Services gets 275th Next-Generation 737

Boeing delivers GECAS' 275th Next-Generation 737

Jun 18, 2011

SEATTLE, Wash. - Boeing delivered to GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS) its 275th Next-Generation 737 yesterday. GECAS leasing customer, China United Airlines, will operate the milestone airplane, a Next-Generation 737-800.

"Taking delivery of our 275th Next-Generation 737 speaks to the success of the airplane and the value it brings to the market," said Norman C.T. Liu, president and CEO of GECAS. "Over the years, GECAS has successfully leased many 737s to airlines around the world."

To date, GECAS has ordered 349 Next-Generation 737 models.

The latest members of the Boeing 737 family -- the 737-600/-700/-800/-900ER models -- continue the 737's popularity and reliability in commercial jet transport. The Next-Generation family has won orders for more than 5,691 airplanes. Boeing has delivered more than 3,622 Next-Generation 737s through April 30, 2011.

Boeing delivers GECAS' 275th Next-Generation 737
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