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Youth travel accommodation industry asks for your opinion

May 31, 2011

STAY WYSE, the WYSE Travel Confederation’s sector association representing the youth travel accommodation industry, has just launched its fifth annual survey reviewing the global business operations of the youth travel accommodation sector.

The study establishes crucial business metrics and identifies trends in this dynamic sector. This year's survey looks at average bed rates, occupancy rates, marketing activities, environmental sustainability initiatives, booking trends, and sources of revenue during 2010. The full version of this report is available to members of STAY WYSE.

Participants who fully complete the survey, will for the first time receive their own personal data comparison with that of their region, providing participants with valuable information on occupancy rates, bed rates, and more. STAY WYSE members receive significantly more information, including revenues and operating costs, allowing them to further benchmark their operations.

“The information generated by the survey is highly relevant and important for businesses in the accommodation sector. We hope to build on last year’s success and provide further national data comparisons that will allow hostels to compare their operations against that of their peers,” according to Laura Daly, Association Manager for STAY WYSE.

This year’s survey has yet again generated tremendous interest from thirteen large corporate sponsors, a testament to the credibility of the survey itself and the data that it generates for businesses within the sector.

To complete the survey, please visit:

For more information on the survey, please visit:

Youth travel accommodation industry asks for your opinion
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