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Emergency Landing In Israel

El Al plane makes emergency landing at Ben Gurion Airport

May 23, 2011

JERUSALEM – El Al flight 027, carrying 270 passengers, made a safe emergency landing at Israel's Ben Gurion International Airport after hours of tension, following the discovery of a malfunction on the Boeing 777 jet. The plane’s fuel was dumped at sea ahead of the landing.

According to AP, rescue services spokesman Zaki Heller said the jet made a successful landing at dawn Monday as dozens of medical crews stood by and local hospitals were put on alert.

Earlier, media reported that the Boeing 777 had been en route to Newark, New Jersey, when the problem was discovered and it was forced to turn back. The jet dumped its fuel into the Mediterranean in preparation for the landing.

Heller said more than 70 rescue crews were waiting at the airport outside Tel Aviv, where a state of emergency had been declared.

According to an initial review, officials at the airport closely followed the emergency procedures adopted during a drill, simulating an emergency landing in November of last year.

Meanwhile, El Al was preparing to fly the 270 passengers in another plane, expected to depart to Newark in the coming hours. The malfunctioning plane was taken to El Al facilities for tests.

El Al plane makes emergency landing at Ben Gurion Airport
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