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Unique Carnival Of Carnivals

Promotion of Seychelles carnival begins at IIPT Lusaka conference

May 19, 2011

Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, spoke about the Seychelles Carnival in his address at the IIPT Lusaka Conference in Zambia. “Seychelles is the host country for what is today regarded as the world’s unique carnival of carnivals. We saw the need for all the countries of the world to be able to showcase their cultural groups, their achievements, their people, and their uniqueness, and this parading side by side with the best and the known carnivals of the world. This is why the Seychelles ‘Carnaval International de Victoria’ is so different and so unique.

"At the 2011 edition of the Seychelles carnival, one could see a delegation of the great Notting Hill Carnival from Great Britain parading in the streets of Victoria followed by a cultural delegation from Zimbabwe, La Reunion, and Indonesia, before seeing the Trinidad & Tobago delegation, which was in turn followed by the cultural delegation from Madagascar and Zanzibar Tanzania and South Africa. This is only some of what went on this year and why the Seychelles carnival is called the 'Melting pot of Cultures.'"

The Seychelles remains the proud host of a carnival with a difference and has now announced that they have widened the scope of their unique carnival even further by inviting marginalized communities or ethnic groups to also use their carnival to bring their own exceptionally-rich culture to the attention of the world. Alain St.Ange said that during his Lusaka address when he said that Seychelles would welcome a delegation from the American Indians, the Australian Aborigines, Hawaii’s Pacific islanders, New Zealand’s Maoris, Gabon’s Pygmies, New Orleans’s Creoles, etc.

Alain St.Ange that he knows that these countries and regions are proud of their very own ethnic group cultures, but he said that we have never had a stage where everyone could come together to showcase their unique and diverse cultures. “Today, Seychelles has set that stage and the world is invited to one of the most beautiful countries to showcase what is dear to each and every country – their people and their very own culture,” Alain St.Ange said.

Promotion of Seychelles carnival begins at IIPT Lusaka conference
Image from Seychelles Tourism Board

Source: Seychelles Tourism Board

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