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Tourist Attacked, Injured By Lion

Lion attacks tourist at Victoria Falls

May 08, 2011

A dream vacation to Zimbabwe turned into a nightmare for a woman from East County, San Diego in the US after she was attacked by a lion while on a safari with her husband at Vitoria Falls.

Colleen Garbaczewski and her husband were on a lion walk at Victoria Falls when she was attacked, according to a family friend.

Videos of lion walks show people walking near lions. Some even sit with the lions and even pet them.

But for Garbaczewski, something went terribly wrong. Though the details remian unclear, the attack left Garbaczewski with what her family said were non life-threatening injuries.

"It's terrible. That's horrible," said Joseph Kalfayan, who has lived near the couple for 10 years.

Garbaczewski is an executive with Pacific Coast Rentals and is also involved in the community.

Kalfayan had this message for his friend: "I wish her good health, the best of luck and a quick recovery."

A member of the Garbaczewski family said Garbaczewski is recovering well and should be home soon.

Lion attacks tourist at Victoria Falls
Stupid is as stupid does - tourist pets lions at Victoria Falls / Image via


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